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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who is JMZ

Hi guys, wow never would I have ever thought of creating my own webpage for something I was so passionate about. Who is JMZ? It is I, Janny Molina Zambrano better known as Honey.
I'm ambitious, creative, passionate, a friend, a social butterfly and one that when she believes in something she goes for it until it is accomplished.

I'm a person that loves fashion, has always loved fashion, the arts, colors, and anything that has to do with Make-up. I can remember playing with my mother's make up when I was younger and her getting mad at me because I would ruin it. I would mix all her eyeshadows together and always stole her eyeliner. Now that I think about it I can stop laughing, Lol.

As a child I have ruin tons of makeup palettes, shadows, glosses, looks and so on, but I also have found so many different wonderful techniques that have helped and showed me how to achieve amazing results, that many have fallen in love with. I believe that the only way one gets good or better yet great at things is the best quote ever! "Practice makes perfect".

The wonderful thing about Make-up is that you can become whatever you want to, when ever you want to be it....Pin Up gal, Pop artist, Movie star, a Geisha, Horror styles.  There are certainly no limits with make up.

The only thing I can say is to let free of your imagination and believe in your self and your most inner talents

Smooches JMZ 


Gwen said...

I <3 you...great blog page my love..

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