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Friday, November 4, 2011

1500 Fan Sponsored Giveaway on Facebook!

Who doesn't love FREE Prizes? We all do, especially us girls! So I have decided to do an awesome Sponsored Giveaway on my Facebook page to basically say THANK YOU to all my beauties who have been following me, and has showed me love and support through out my wonderful dream! <3


Here are some of the few Sponsors that have taken their time out to Donate some of this awesome Prizes...

Sponsor #1 

these are her Donations... which I LOVE! 

Sponsor #2 

This is her Donation - awesome for an upcoming event your having! 

Sponsor #3 

Sensual Bliss By Samera

Her Donation is Beautiful: 

Sponsor #4 

Her Donation is GORGEOUS! : 

Sponsor #5 She has donated 3 beautiful Items :) 

Her Beautiful Donations, donation #1: 
 Her Donation #2
Her Donation #3:

Sponsor #6: 

Her awesome Donation: 
More to come stay tuned... check out my Facebook page for more details and more Sponsors... 



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