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Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween 2011 is here..

Halloween is approaching fast and with that said, everyone is trying to figure out what to wear for that big Halloween Bash!

I decided to play around and come up with some realistic Looks that are just making a bunch of noise on my Facebook page Pride Make Up by JMZ

I've been seeing scary masks, and products to make scars, blood, cuts and so on.. So I thought maybe with my own things at home I can come up with something with out having to go out and buy things. :)

Check them out:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

2011 Fall Fashion

For all you Fall lovers, I'm loving the new looks.. I should have had my mom keep all her stuff from the 70's bc then I could have been using it for myself now lol...


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Officially signed as one of the MUA's for Charlotte Fashion Week..

Stoked and extremely excited is an understatement! lol..

So last year after so much thinking of what I really wanted to do with my life I finally realized that it had been there all my life! Since I can remember I have loved makeup and anything that had to do with fashion... At one point in my life I never wore makeup... but I loved applying it to others, and loved hearing how much they loved it.. oh basically here "oh wow Honey, I love it"

so... one night after applying makeup on my neighbor for a night out in the town... my wife says, "babe, seriously this is what you need to be doing as your career" & my God she was right.! So....

MAC's new Fall Face Charts

Love me some MAC face Charts... Here are some that I came across..

Loving the fall looks <3

Busy...Busy...Busy is the key word this month!

I've been gone for a little bit, but I've been so busy and will continue to be busy for the rest of the month, but "I'm not complaining" I'm actually loving it... BRING IT ON UNIVERSE! :)

Fashion week has officially started everywhere, so if your a fashion lover and love everything that has to do with fashion, makeup and so on.. then you are in for a special treat this month. If you are in NY, LA, NC or anywhere that has any types of Fashion Shows..... then have a blast because it's amazing! 

I love Runway shows... they have the best pieces, the most amazing Makeup, and the best catwalks ever!