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Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween 2011 is here..

Halloween is approaching fast and with that said, everyone is trying to figure out what to wear for that big Halloween Bash!

I decided to play around and come up with some realistic Looks that are just making a bunch of noise on my Facebook page Pride Make Up by JMZ

I've been seeing scary masks, and products to make scars, blood, cuts and so on.. So I thought maybe with my own things at home I can come up with something with out having to go out and buy things. :)

Check them out:

Scratches to the face 

Lacerations with an old bruise going away 

Bruise in the process of healing along with the black eye

old scar 

swollen face with a close up of the bruises and the black eye.. 

Products that were used: Concealer, Eye Lash Glue, Black, Brownish-Red, Brown, Yellow Eye Shadow. 

Hope you guys like it.. xoxo 


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