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Monday, October 31, 2011


Guess who is officially apart of the SEPHORA team!?!………. MEEEE! YAY lol

I have been holding out on the good news for some time because I was waiting for SEPHORA to confirm with me before sharing any of my news about applying or even interviewing. 
So let me tell you how it all went down. On Wednesday, September 28, I had just finished a live taping of "Fashion Friday" with Power 98 fm here in Charlotte, NC.. went to have lunch with my wife & she convinced me to head on over to Sephora and apply, since the store front was right by her old job. I had on jeans, boots, a reg shirt and my make-up was done (of course lol).  Funny thing was I was feeling extra confident. I walked into SEPHORA, and one of the MUA's approached me & asked me if I needed any help. I asked if they were hiring she handed me an application & complimented me on my make-up then walked away.  A few moments later the manager of the color dept approached me and asked me.  We started talking, I apologized for the way I looked since it was
not "interview attire" she proceeded on saying.. "no it's fine, I love your look".  She asked me what type of experience I had, complimented me on my makeup, told me to finish with the application and then walked away.  Came back and asked me if I could return for an official Interview on Thursday Sept 6th.  I thought how freakin’ cool is that! Anyway, I gave her my application and she told me see you Thursday. 
On my ride home I can’t tell you how elated I was. Called Gwen and told her the good news.

On the day of the interview I arrived 15 minutes early, I have a thing "better early then late".  I wore a white shirt, black dressy pants, and black pumps. My hair was straight, I kept my makeup very classy this day. My Make-up consisted of a neutral look and I added a touch of liner with some falsies, on my lips I wore a nude lipstick from Kat Von D and a clear lipgloss. My theory is “less is always more”.  I was asked to wait for a little bit while the Manager furnished with his interview.  A man approached me his name was "Paul" incredible guy, asked me - "What I knew about Sephora", Asked for my resume, "Why Sephora" then of course your general interview questions... for some reason I was not nervous at all! He proceeded to tell me that they get 100's of applications but only consider a few of them.. and only hire seasonal, those seasonal they hire... they keep 1/2 of them for good and keep them! I brought my portfolio with me, he went through it... after about 25 mins or so of the interview he asked me if I would like to return for a 2nd interview with the Store Director. I of course said yes!! He asked if he can take my portfolio with him and he would be right back. He returned with my portfolio and said Tony loves your work, she wants you to return on Friday Sept 14th. I agree and left. 

The day of my 2nd Interview I arrive again early to my surprise I find a large amount of people waiting for the same person to interview. I run into Paul and the Manager for the Color dept they wink at me and keep moving. We were split into 3 different groups. I was with Tony, the store Director. It was a very nice group interview I would have to say, she asked your general interview questions (and yes I was extremely nervous, this time lol) There’s always things you wish you would have liked to have said after the interview.. but oh well no biggie.  She told us she would let us know how we did and they would give us all a call in the next week or so.

I received a call the following week and was asked for a final interview with the Store director Tony on Sept 21st. This last and final interview was a one on one with her. It was pretty smooth nothing crazy. She asked me general interview questions and it was very painless. :) 

Today while watching "The Hills Have Eyes" with Gwen I received a call from "Paul".. :D and proceeded to tell me that he was happy that he would be giving me the good news, that they are happy to offer me a MUA position for their Color Dept. I just hear from a friend they're benefits are INCREDIBLE, they pay for travel training and so much more... I CAN”T WAIT! My goal is to eventually is to work for them Full Time and climb that ladder to the top, but of course I will  pay my dues and show them why they should hire me full-time. I am all for it — BRING ON THE CHALLENGE! I'm a GO-GETTER AND WHAT I WANT I GET! I will keep you all posted. 

I hope this helps any other makeup artist who is looking to pursue a job in this field, whether it be 
MAC or  Sephora.



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