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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back in Action..

Hello my beauties :) ..

Well it's been a couple of months since I last posted some words on my blog.  I've done so much, but then again I've also been extremely sick :(.  So on to what I have been doing since I last blogged..

In early March I received an email stating that I had been picked as one of the 10 up and coming artist in NY for a showcase, that will show our art. The event is run every month in a lounge and show cases Art of every form. Music, Photography, Performing arts, Hair, Make Up, Fashion and so on...
I was chosen as the show's Make Up Artist. OMG the feeling was incredible.  Now this meant I had to travel back home and spend a week there getting everything situated.  I was sooo down for this :D.  The show was March 28th, thr name of the show was "ARTcade". 

IT WAS PHENOMENAL!!! IT RAWKED as they say at the event lol... It was just everything I had hoped for... so runway show done now what to do next...


Came back to NC full of energy, positive vibes and ready to hit the fashion, modeling industry in NC head on... book two photoshoots and what happens next.....

   I MESS UP MY ANKLE and end up in one of these... :( but the toes gotta look cute all the time!!! ;)

Now, time to rest per the dr's orders for 2 weeks and hope to God my ankle gets better.
FAST FOWARD to May lol....

May: Everything is going great.... my ankle is finally back to normal, BTW it took more then 2 weeks to heal smh.. but then again what do Dr's know right lol... now i've opened up my Model Mayhem account, updating my Blogger, opened up my You Tube Channel (YAY ME!) since I have so many people on my Facebook asking me for tutorials, I couldn't hide nor delay it any further.. :D

So with out further wait.. Let's start the real blogging lol Hope you enjoyed my return speach! :D love you all <3


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